Ladismith Fossils

The majority of the TRILOBITES (crablike animals which lived approximately 350 million years ago) which were approximately 10cm long and lived in shallow salty water during the Cambrian period between 500 and 570 million years ago.

Fossilized Shells are the preserved remains of ancient marine animals. They are sometimes found near modern bodies of water. Curiously, they can also be found on the tops of mountains or in dry deserts, a sign of where water used to flow in the long ago past. Shell fossils play an essential role in the ideological battle between modern scientific reasoning and religious dogma. Shell fossils can help us to be open to new ideas. They can also help us to emotionally regulate so that changes to our thoughts or environment don’t throw us horrible off balance. They are fantastic talismans for introverts who need a break from an extroverted world.

The PHYLUM BRACIOPODA, also known as lamp shells, is a group of bilaterally symmetrical, coelomate organisms that superficially resemble bivalve molluscs. Lived in shallow water during the Devonian period 350 – 400 million years ago.