Ladismith Cheese

Schoongesicht Ave, Ladismith, 6655

Founded in June 1999. Started production in a brand new factory 1 November 1999.

Cheese Production

Started with 15 000 litres of milk per day – only Gouda and Cheddar were manufactured. Production has since increased and Gouda, Cheddar, Edam, matured Cheddar and Green Pepper Cheddar are manufactured. Two new creamy semi-hard cheeses namely Ladismither and Old Ladismither (matured for 12 months) have been added to the range.


Soon after starting its operation, manufacturing of butter on a small scale started from cream coming available from the cheese factory. Bulk salted, unsalted butter as well as Butter Spread were added.

Powder Processing

Whey is the watery liquid that separates from the solid part of milk when enzymes are added in cheese making. A whey processing plant was established in 2004 producing milk powder, buttermilk powder, whey powder and coffee creamers.

Products available at:


Spar – Van Riebeeck Street


Kanna Kombuis – South Street


Total & Astron Garage